Friday, May 20, 2011

Henkel has trouble with Pril Competition on Facebook

Henkel has trouble with Pril contest on Facebook
The company wanted to handle for its detergent brand, a viral marketing campaign Pril start on Facebook, which would in concept to a good start. But the campaign backfired and it proves once again that such competitions knitted with an active community on a fine line between great success or bitter defeat will be. (Andrew Link, 05/20/2011) Of viral marketing on Facebook is promising a lot of companies and agencies, but the shot may soon backfire. This is now fixed and the company Henkel, which has called on Facebook to a Pril competition. There were designs for a special edition of detergent to be submitted, from which the community could select 10 finalists. From these ten finalists in turn wanted to handle select the two winners.
But the competition was for Henkel in two ways backfired. First, the Facebook community design was good, the handle would probably not like to see on the shelf. Henkel therefore changed twice, the terms and conditions. Also adjusted to vote without giving details, as there had been distorted. On Thursday we presented the results of the selection. This resulted in the participants and interested parties to ridicule and scorn. The selected designs are uncreative and ridiculous. The current wave of protest is the culmination of the discontent simmering for weeks.
The problem actually was predictable: The more oblique designs were expected to forward. "Tastes of chicken" was one of the most popular designs. Little wonder that Henkel will provide such a Pril bottle only reluctantly in the shelves. The designer moved back to the subject, however, which prevented major trouble. Nevertheless, the continued trouble, because a distorted cartoon face with the words "PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL" led to the conclusion of the community voting.
It was followed by a change in the rules: Henkel blessed submitted designs now on in advance, before they went online. A short time later followed the above mentioned cleaning up the votes. This can be done if a concrete suspicion, but should be communicated transparently so as not to draw the displeasure of the people themselves. This was followed by interminable discussions that Henkel Pril-band on the Facebook page as of Wednesday. But those familiar with the community, know that such discussions can not be stopped, but only shifted.
The preliminary end of the operation: two harmless, Henkel Pril bottles on the shelves and wants the best view of community design "PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL" separately distinguish and produce in a small edition. The calming experiment had only moderate success. "You stink," it says on Facebook.
From October to the bottles of No. 9 and 10 are in trade, but Henkel will consider in the future twice before re-start such an action. Attention, the group had, but of positive propaganda can hardly speak well. By the way, "PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL" number one had 35 600 votes, number 9 and 10 together around 5,200.

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